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Arens, Hettlich, Karpfinger, Kockelkorn, Lichtenegger, Stachel

Maple Worksheets for the text book

On this page you can download Maple worksheets (in English) adapted for the text book Mathematik von Arens, Hettlich, Karpfinger, Kockelkorn, Lichtenegger und Stachel, erschienen im Spektrum Akademischer Verlag. Parallel to each chapter of the book we illustrate the possibilities in investigating mathematics by a computer algebra system.

Save the single file on your computer and then open it by MAPLE. In each worksheet you then will find more hints on working with it.

Besides the translated worksheets you may also find a html version of the worksheets on the corresponding german page. Clicking on these you may get an impression on the performance without downloading the file. But of course there you cannot execute any command. This service is included for readers who do not have a MAPLE installation on there computer available.

Part I: Introduction and Basics

Part II: Calculus in one Variable

Part III: Linear Algebra

MAPLE worksheets adapted to other parts of the text book are still in progress and will be presented here soon.

Here you can switch to the webpage of the text book .